History of High Speed Vedic Maths

In this direction the Sankaracharya of Govardhan Matha Puri Jagadguru Swami Sri Bharati Krishna Teerthaji Maharaja has explored the encoded vedic mysteries and retrieved a set of mathematical sutras from the Vedic literatures. Swami Sri Bharati Krishna Teerthaji was a scholar extraordinaire . A profound master of modern subjects including mathematics. Later after attaining sanyasa he went into solitude at Saradha Peeth in Sringeri and relentlessly pursued the study of Vedic scriptures with the consequence that he reconstructed a set of 16 sutras and 13 sub sutras from the Vedic text covering every branch and part of mathematics.

We owe deeply to the Sankaracharya for his revelation to popularize Vedic Mathematics.

Sources of the Sutras

Bharati Krishna Teerthaji got his revelations from a particular portion of the Atharvaveda called the Ganita Sutras . The Ganita Sutras are also called Sulba Sutras , “the easy mathematical formulae” , that’s the meaning of the expression. Now these texts were in Sanskrit and the grammar, the literature and the figures of speech in Sanskrit give great facility of expressing one’s dispositions in a number of different subjects but with the same set of words. Hence it becomes difficult for a person to understand the different layers of meanings encoded in one text.

Bharati Krishnaji underwent meditation for long years in the forest of Sringeri. He took the help of lexicographies, lexicons of earlier times, because as a language develops and comes in context with other languages words change their meaning. Words get additional meaning, words get deteroiorated in meaning. So Bharti Krishnaji studied old lexicons including Visva, Amara, Arnava, Sabdakalpardruma etc. With these he got the key in that way in one instance and one thing after another helped him in the elucidation of the other sutras (formulae).